The Ihram Of Hajj And Departure For Mina


THE IHRAM OF HThe Ihram Of Hajj And Departure For Mina On the 8th of Zil-Hijja you will have to put on the Ihram for the Haj. It will be worn in the same way which you had worn earlier the Ihram of Umrah with the difference that while at that time you had done the Niyyat for Umrah now you will do the Niyyat for Haj.

After you have put on the Ihram you should recite the Talbia frequently and on all the occasions enumerated above.

On this day, you and all the Hajjis will go to Mina, wearing the Ihram. It is not more than three or four miles from Makkah. It is better that you walked on foot but you can engage a conveyance if desired.

On reaching Mina you have nothing to do in particular. Only to spend the night there is worship. But you should try to devote it to prayer, Zikr, Du’a, and Istighfar.

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