Tawaf and Sa’ee

Tawaf and Sa'ee

Your first act on reaching Masjid-e-Haram will be the Tawaf. You should remember that on the ship you had donned the Ihram only for Umrah and formulated the Niyyat for it alone. Hence, you have now to do only the Tawaf of Umrah. You had begun to recite the Talbia at the moment of putting on the Ihram and were required to repeat it over and over again till this time. Now that you have commenced the Tawaf of Umrah the recitation of Talbia will cease. The Talbia of those who don the Ihram with the Niyyat of Umrah comes to an end with the beginning of Tawaf.

A pilgrim who is performing the Haj or Umrah for the first time can do the Tawaf only in the company and under the guidance of some well-informed person.

The Tawaf begins from the place where Hajr-e-Aswad (the Black Stone) is fixed, and Tawaf is completed with the completion of seven shots (circuits).

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