Real preparation

Real preparation for hajj & umrah

The second piece of advice is to spend at last two weeks before the commencement of the journey in a religious environment, which may be conducive to the promotion of Allah –awareness and the love of him his worship and remembrance will subdue your attachment to the material world and make you ardently solicitous of the hereafter. These attributes are best produced in the company of the pious worshippers of Allah.

If you succeed in spending some time in the company of devout servant of Allah you will, Insha Allah be able to partake of the pleasures and blessing of the haj and your haj will be a haj the recompense on which is the special favor of Allah and garden of eternal bliss.

How sad it is, indeed, that these days people spend thousands of rupees on the pilgrimage and make all sorts of preparations for it and it takes about two to three months to complete the undertaking but they do nothing by way of making themselves really fit for the deed. The haj is such a tremendous event that even if two-three years were devoted to equipping oneself morally and spiritually for it, it would not be much.

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