About luggage, the best advice is to travel as light as possible these articles will be sufficient: four to six pairs of clothes, a warm coat, a sweater or a jacket (which can be worn when a cool breeze is blowing), one or two tahbands, two towels, two sheets (to be used as a coverlet or wrapper when needed), two seamless sheets of ihram (pilgrim‘s robe), a prayer-mat of soft, thick material(which should be so long as to lie on it, if desired, a bed ( in keeping with the weather and including a blanket) hemp or sake-cloth about a yard wide and two a half yards long which can be spread anywhere, a strong cord, a thin rope, a needle and thread, a packing needle for stitching sack-cloth, a comb, two plates, two cups, two spoons, a tumbler, a small pot, alight tiffin-carrier, a stove, a box or trunk which can hold all these things, a wicker basket, an umbrella, a lota, a bucket, and a torch.

With the above luggage, you can confidently look forward to making the whole journey comfortably and without having to borrow anything from others. You will also be saved from the trouble and annoyance which is usually experienced by those who are in the habit of carrying unnecessary luggage with them

It is not at all necessary to take foodgrains or other eatables with you as everything is now easily available in Arabia. The prices also are almost the same. Of course, if you are fond of pickles you may take them with you. On the ship when one is seized with nausea and vertigo and a complete loss of appetite takes place parched gram with a little pepper and salt and lime juice comes in very useful. It is agreeable to eat. So, it will be better if you provide yourself with some of it.

Above mentioned things are needed for those who are used to a comfortable standard of living and do not want to be put to inconvenience. Otherwise, to the humble & devout servants of Allah, who regard the pilgrimage to be a journey, of love and endeavor and are ready to endure any hardship, many of the articles listed above will seem like an unnecessary burden

All pilgrims are advised to act accordingly. The general rule, therefore, is that pilgrims should take as little luggage with them as they can.

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