To Makkah from Jeddah

To Makkah from Jeddah

As we have seen already, there is left a day and a half’s journey to Jedda from the place where Ihram is put on the ship. Allah willing, your ship will disembark you safely at Jedda. There you will be enquired about your Muallim (guide), and his Vakil (representative) will take charge of you from then onwards. The Vakil will take you to Medinatul Hujjaj, which is the state guest-house for the pilgrims. There, on the same or the next day, he will arrange for a car or a bus to take you to Makkah.

Insha Allah, you will reach Makkah in two to three hours. When that Holy City comes within the range of your vision and you begin to see some of its buildings make this prayer to Allah–

“O, Allah! Make me reach this consecrated City of Thine with faith and enable me to live (in it) in peace and contentment, and grant me the good fortune to show proper reverence to it.”

When your vehicle enters the precincts of Makkah recite the following prayer:

“Allah-humma Anta Rabbi Wa Ana Abdoka Jaito Le-ovaddiya Farzaka was At labo Rahamataka was to ainani Ala Adai Farzeka, Allahhumma ftah li Abwaba rehmateka Adkhilni fiha.”

“O, Allah! I am Thy slave and have come here in obedience to THy Command and as a seeker of Thy Mercy, open the Gates of Thy Mercy for me and grant me Haj to be performed in the proper manner and bestow on me the special blessings of this town.”

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