Religious terms

Religious terms

ihram: consist of (1) Niyat (intention) (2) putting off sewed clothes and wearing two sheets of cloth in a particular manner (3) recitation of talbia.

labbeka allahumma labbeka

labbeka la shrika laka……………..

Miqat: consists of (1) time period (when the ihram is adopted ). Months of haj are Shawwal,ziqad, and ten days of zilhijja. (3) place, where the ihram is put on ( different places for different countries ).

for resident’s of medina Zul Halifa

Syria Hajfa and rabagh



Najde Yemen

Hijaz Qiran


Yemen Yelmalam.

Indians on the ship ( when the ship reaches in the direction of yelmalam). rest of eastern countries. zat-e-arq.

yelmalam is one of the hills of Tehama. it is situated between the Kamran and Jeddah, on the eastern bank of the red sea. it is on the north of Makkah.

hajre Aswad: A back stone adjusted in the eastern corner of house of ka’aba.

Istalam: placing of both the palms of the hands-on hajre Aswad and kissing the space left-between.

Tawaad: 7 rounds of house of ka’aba ( including muqame Ibrahim ) starting and completing point is hajre Aswad.

Zamzam: a well near muqam-e-ibrahim.

Safa & Marwa: Names of two hills out side of the masjid e haram.

Sa’ee: to climb safa and reach merwa this ascending and descending is called sa’ee.

masjid e haram: buildings around the house of ka’aba.

Sh’ot: one round of ka’aba.

Rukne Yamani: A White stone fixed at the western corner of house of ka’aba.

Multazam: The portion between the gate of Ka’aba and Hajre Aswad.

Hateem: A portion on the north of ka’aba, surrounded by a wall, the water of house of Ka’aba falls here-in.

Mezabe-e-Rehmet: the water course (parnala) of house of ka’aba, the water. of ka’aba falls in the ground of hateem.

Mina: A place which is 3 miles away from Makkah. staying at this place on 8th zilhajja is necessary. from here departure from Arfat on 9th zilhijja Begins.

Masjid-e-kheed: Mosque at Mina.

Muqam-e-Ibrahim: A ground in front of the gate of ka’aba, A ‘Qbba’ is Built here in which 3 or 4 Men can offer prayer at a time.

Tahlil: Recitation of Kalima.

Jamrah: 3 pillars of stone, throwing of pebbles at them is compulsory.

  1. jamrah Oola,
  2. Jamrah Wosta.
  3. Jamrah Ukhra. (Aqba, Kubra).

Jannat-ul-Mualla: Graveyard of Makkah.

Jannat-ul-Baquee: Graveyard of Madina.

Arafat. A Big ground approximately 7 or 8 miles away from mina.

Nimreh Mosque: A mosque in Arafat.

Muzdalifa: A Place Between Mina and Arafat.

Rami: Throwing of pebbles at jamrah

There are three jamrahs.

  1. Jamrah Oola.
  2. Jamrah wosta.
  3. jamrah Ukhra. (Aqba)

Throwing of pebbles on 10th,11th, and 12th of Zilhijja is essential.

Halaq: Shaving off the hair of head.

Taqsir-o-qasar: Trimming of hair of head.

Ayyam Tashriq: 9th,10th, 11th, 13th of zilhijja.

Ayyam nahar: 10th, 11th, 12th, of Zilhijja.

Afaqi: The Resident of place out of miqat.

Moallem: One who quides the haji.

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