when about a day and a helf is left for the ship to touch the port of Jeddah, there comes the place where ihram is worn, generally by the Indian pilgrims. Here only such pilgrims put on ( or tie, as it is called in common parlance ) the ihram who intend to proceed to Makkah from Jeddah, while for pilgrims who propose to go to Madina first and then come from there to Makkah the occasion for putting on the Ihram will come when they will leave Madina for Makkah. you will, probably, be going first to Makkah, and hence, you will have to tie the ihram on the ship at that very place. the ship will begin to hum with activities an announcement will also be made on behalf of the captain of the ship you should also, then, get ready to don the ihram. if you can find time for it, have a haircut and a nail-cut, shave off the hair of the armpits, etc and take a thorough bath before wearing the ihram. ( it should be noted that these things are not obligatory to the wrapping up of the ihram but only preferable ) thus, if you are short of time, only perform the wazu which alone is necessary for the ritual ( Note: a number of ulema are of the view that pilgrims traveling by the sea route, from whatever country they may be coming, can wear the ihram also on landing at Jeddah. but the pilgrims coming by plane should put on the ihram at some airport before the plane lands at Jeddah).

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