It is hoped that, by the grace of Allah, your intention is sound and untainted because the first requisite to the acceptance of any act is the purity of intention. But dear brother, Satan is the most cunning enemy of mankind. He is always looking for an opportunity to ruin our good deeds and uses such subtle and deceptive ways for it that we often remain unaware of his tricks. Since the haj is a good deed of a very high order and leads to a vast improvement in the faith of the bondsman and remarkable advancement in his rank, and, if it is performed properly, all his sins are forgiven by it, the devil, tries his best to spoil it. In this connection, his foremost endeavor is to pervert the intention of the pilgrim. So brother, beware of the mischief of Satan and keep a constant vigil on your heart and intention.

Satan will try to plant such ideas in your heart that on account of performing the haj people will begin to hold you in high esteem, they will think of you as a very virtuous man and your social status will rise. Sometimes, he will induce you to feel what a good thing will it be to go on a voyage and to see the historical places of Makkah and Madina

Never allow such things to become the objects of your pilgrimage. Do not think of them even for a moment. Your sole aim and purpose should be to carry out the duty to Allah, to fulfill his command, to seek his good pleasure, and to earn the reward of the hereafter. Let these ideals alone be the motives of your endeavor.

Before you set out on the pilgrimage, and during the whole course of it, guard your heart and intention against the mischief of the devil and the misgivings he may seek to sow in your mind. If Allah forbids, he succeeds in the evil design of corrupting your intention the entire labor will be lost and you will gain nothing from the pilgrimage. You should also pray to Allah for purity of intention and protection against the corrupting influence of Satan and his deception. If the grace of Allah is with you, Satan can do nothing. He is powerless.

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