How is tawaf done

How is tawaf done

When intending to perform the Tawaf you should stand before the Hajr-e-Aswad in such a position that your right shoulder is in line with the left edge of the Stone (meaning, the edge which is towards your left) and the whole of it is on your right. After standing at this place and in this position say from the depths of your heart the Niyyat of Tawaf.

“O, Allah! I aim to perform the Tawaf of Thy consecrated premises at Thy command. Make Thou the Tawaf easy for me and accept it from me.”

Then move a little to the right so that you may come wholly in front of the Black Stone (your face and chest being directly in the line with it), and raising your hands up to the ears as you do, in Namaz, say Bismillah, Allah-o-Akbar.

“La ilaha illallah, lil hamdo, vas salato, vas salamo Ala Rasulilla Allahhumma Eimanan beka va wafaa an beahdeka va ittabaan lesunnate Nabbiyyeka Mohammadan Sallalaho Alaihe Wasallam.”

If possible, now perform Istalam i.e, place your palms of your both hands on Hajre Aswad in such a way that someplace is left between them. Now kiss the Hajr e Aswad at the place left between the two palms at least 3 times, without making any voice.

But in case, due to overcrowding, it may not be possible for you to kiss the Black Stone at that time you should only touch it with the right hand and then kiss the hand and if even this may not be possible due to the huge gathering, it will be enough for you to stretch your arms towards it, with your palms facing the Hajr e Aswad and kiss the palms. In the Shariat it is equivalent to kissing the Hajr e Aswad (Black Stone) itself. After performing one of three ways of kissing begin the Tawaf.

In one Tawaf seven rounds of the House of Ka’aba are made and a round is completed when after starting from the place in front of the Black Stone you arrive back at it. When seven such rounds have been completed it makes one Tawaf.

In each round you should kiss the Black Stone as you pass by it, and, if it is not possible, impart a kiss to it in one of the other two ways mentioned above. The act of kissing the Black Stone is called Istilam and it includes all three forms.

In short, Istilam is performed in each round of Tawaf. Some people raise their hands to the ears, in the manner of Namaz, when they pass by the Hajr e Aswad but this is not correct. Such a thing is done only at the commencement of the Tawaf.

Some ignorant Hajis strive hard to reach the Hajre Aswad ad to kiss it, jostling along and pushing away the other pilgrims. This is most sinful. One should be very careful in this regard. However strongly you may be wanting to kiss the Hajre Aswad it must never be that you tried to reach it by hurting or causing inconvenience to others.

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