Departure From India at the time of departure, two rak’ats of nafl namaz may be offered with due reverence and concentration. express your deep gratitude to Allah that he has granted you the good fortune to discharge such a marvelous obligation, and then, beseech him, as is his due, and beg him earnestly for ease and safety in the journey and for protection against sins and the acceptance of haj. after it takes leave of your family and with the name of Allah on your lips, step out of the house and depart your holy journey has now begun.

it will take you two or three days to reach Bombay (Indian) pilgrims. these days will be spent on the railway train then you will have to stay for a few days at Bombay before sailing for Jeddah. the sea voyage will take a week or eight days. and if you travel by air you will reach Jeddah from Bombay in five to six hours. during this period you should be careful about the following matters.

be regular in prayers, and, as far as possible, offer it congregationally; you conduct towards fellow – travelers should be one of affection and service; do not quarrel with or be the cause of discomfort to anyone; in addition to sinful conversation and evil doing, abstain from the vain and worthless talk as well; the practice of learning about religion from the better-informed hajis or with the help of reliable books. never be neglectful of the remembrance of Allah and his zikr ( recitation of his names, praises, and attributes ).

one should keep oneself occupied during the journey and after, in zikr and worship, recitation of Holy Quran and preaching and propagation of faith and service of others, special attention should be paid to the learning and teaching of the formalities of the haj and preparing oneself helping others to prepare for the great vent.

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