On the morning of 9th Zil-Hijja all the Hajis will leave Mina for Arafat. it is about six miles from there. If you are not afraid of getting tired you may cover this distance also on foot. But if you feel that it will cause you too much weariness and you will not be able to devote properly to prayer at Arafat, you can go by car or bus.

On this day at Arafat, the prayer services of zuhr and asr will be celebrated together in masjid-e-namra, as soon as the time for zuhr begins. this is the command of the Shariat for that day that the two namaz be celebrated together in order that the whole of the afternoon is left free for zikr du’a and other forms of prayer. if you can join the congregation you will celebrated both the zuhr and asr namaz at the same time, but if due to some reason, you cannot, then you should offer up the zuhr namaz at the time of zuhr and the asr namaz time of asr.

At Arafat, the time between the decline and the setting of the sn is extremely precious. During it remember Allah as warmly, as deeply, and as ardently as you can, cry your heart out before Him, beg Him, beseech Him, implore Him for whatever you want. Let no lethargy, no indifference, no negligence come near you. Remain standing in His presence (i.e., in Namaz) for as long as you can.

For Allah-remembrance, the following Du’a should be recited most frequently:

“La ilaha illallaho vahdahoo La sharika Lahoo, Laholmulko valaholhamdo va howa Alakulle Shain Qadeer.”

There is no Allah (no one is worthy of worship and obedience) but one Allah. He is one and without a partner. His is the kingdom and unto Him is due all Praise. And He has Power over all things.

About it, the Holy Prophet is reported to have said:

“On the day of Arafat, my call and the call of the Prophets who preceded me is this very Kalima.”

Anyhow, remember Allah much through this Kalima and or any other Kalima or Zikr you may like and supplicate to Him tearfully. The chief prayer at this place consists of Du’a and Istighfar, and weeping and crying out in His presence. So, let no slackness, lethargy, or indifference seize you. Most of all pray for remission of sins, for safety from Hell and from every kind of Divine Chastisement, and for the bestowal of Paradise and Allah’s Good Pleasure. Apart from it, also supplicate to Him for every need and every good thing of this world and hereafter. And, then, supplicate for all men and women who have a claim on you, or, who are related to you or connected with you in any way, and, finally, for the whole of the Muslim Ummat.

In your tent also, at Arafat, keep yourself engaged in prayer and supplication, and beseeching. When in the evening, your Mu’allim takes you to Jabal-i-Rahmat, there, too, make your entreaties to Allah, standing in his presence and with complete faith and trust in His Benevolence and Mercifulness.

This is the place where the sacred Prophet had delivered the sermon on the occasion of Haj jut-ul-Widaa (the farewell Haj) and made earnest entreaties to Allah and the glad tidings of their acceptance had been conveyed to him from Allah.

It is preferable to recite the following Du’a at the first sight of Jablal-i-Rahmat.

“Allahumma alaika tawajjaho va

a’alaika tawakkalto vavaj’ haka

aradto. Allahummaghfirli vatub

alaiyya va aateni soeli,

vavajeh lilkhaira haiso

tavajahto, subhanallahe-val

hamd lillahe vala ilaha

illallaho vallaho Akbar.”